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Lousarn® by Shires Furniture

Lousarn by Shires Furniture®

Mix and match mini floating shelves.
These beautiful handmade mini floating shelves will make an elegant addition to your home.

Brighten up any wall space adding warmth and style, allowing you to create your own unique wall art showing off your favorite ornamental items.

What! sets a Lousarn floating shelf apart from any other floating shelf? Each individual piece created by hand in the Shires of England. combining inspiring design, artistry, and craftsmanship

Starting with a carefully selected untreated timber sourced from the finest FSC certified suppliers
Each piece cut, shaped, and contoured
Lightly sanded until smooth to the touch
Adding one or two coats of wax to protect and enhance
Polished to a beautiful shine after a scrutinizing quality control
Only then will it get it’s hot iron Shires Furniture® band stamp of approval

A Lousarn is born, ready for their new homes for years to come

You won’t find them anywhere else as every single one is made by myself at Shires Furniture

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