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Handmade Creations
The Shires of England

Our wooden creations are all hand-selected, skilfully crafted, and hot iron branded so you’ll know its a genuine  “Shires Furniture®” product,  finished in natural wax.

shiresfurniture decor

Simplicity is beautiful. Good quality well made simple designs that do what they are designed for.

We are Charli and Stu a not so young couple who just bought our first house together. We needed some shelving amongst lots of other pretty things to make a new little pad our home

As we all do from time to time off we went to all our local chain store DIY shops. Disappointed to find nothing really came close to what we had in mind. So we decided to have a go at making our own, after a few mishaps and prototypes and with the help of the local metalworks we produced what we considered to be the perfect shelves. So good that we had no end of compliments and friends asking if we could make them some too, and so that was just the beginning.